Getting Started

1. Create a free Test-Account
2. After 30 days, you will receive a payment link
3. Pay with your credit card
(96chf = aprox 96$)

If you are a „swiss“ related Artist have a look at Kunstunion.

News in the Release of Mai 2016
  • All Entries can be EXPORTED as CSV.
  • The object ID can be exported as well, which makes it usable as inventory number for unique identification.
  • The object type (drawing, sculpture, etc.) can now be changed.
  • The Drag and Drop Area for images is now active on the whole page (images can be thrown anywhere and the upload will start automatically).
  • The image-grid on the Overview page can be scaled.
  • Selected entries can be sorted to the top.
  • A multiple search is possible by entering (exact wording) 'AND', 'OR' or 'NOT'
  • Combined searches are possible “AND” and “OR” or and 'NOT'.
  • The selection button automatically displays the number of the records in the Selection.
  • Information can be IMPORTED as CSV tables. (Caution deleted or overwritten data can NOT be restored) Specific instructions can be found under FAQ.
  • Information can be RE-IMPORTED. This allows offline work. (Warning - read first the FAQ entry - data can’t be restored!).

We are working on a unique, new, exciting, playful way to make user entries visible in a network.

kleio's futur

kleio's futur
kleio is further developed continuously.
Here we give an overview of our wish list, but can not specify times.
We are a non-profit project and realize whenever the budget allows a new feature.

- Person module: In this module you can manage any persons you have entered and add information such as CVs etc. The current problem that names in the drop-down lists cannot be edited will thus be taken care of.
- Exhibition module: This module is for documenting exhibitions. You can upload and save images for each exhibition record.
- Publication module: Press releases, your own texts or sketches can be saved here. You can also uplad images for each entry.

- Storing documents and audio files: kleio will be able to store documents and audio files just like it currently does for images.
- Link and view Video files from Vimeo and Youtube.
- The image upload process will continue to run in the background while you proceed to work on other records.

- This function will be simplified.
- The individual edition numbers can be selected to print or export.

- It will be possible to choose in what size images are made available for downloads.
- Easier download of a single image.
- See which downloads are still active.

- Arrange entries by drag and drop.
- Save your own sort order.

Workshops in Zurich at Kunstunion

Kunstunion will be happy to help you get started with your inventory, provide useful hints and answer your questions.

See further dates on

Bring: computer , your digital photos in the best possible resolution , a PDF or a printed documentation in which you can look up the details of your works of art

Kunstunion is an association that supports artist with a strong connection to Switzerland in the documentation of their works.

Archiv - News in the Release of April 2015
  • you can choose the number of pictures to publish for each work
  • the sorting function has been optimized / you can apply sort order to exports and to your webpage
  • the designs for your PDF exports have been revised and refined
  • your public archive appears in a shiny new look
  • visitors can scale the display
  • your public archive now features a search function
  • on visitors can browse public archives using the new artist-search
Archiv - 2014 Nov. 19th / exciting times ahead!

Our users give us valuable input and we of course too have lots of ideas for modules and functions we would like to add.

New designs, expanded possibilities for data import and export or a unique, playful way to make user entries visible on a platform… Things are cooking in the kleio kitchen.

Check out our UFRP (Upcoming feature release plan) on the FAQ page to find out what the future holds in store for the kleio web application.

Archiv - 2014 August 29th / open now

On August 29th we are celebrating the launch of kleio!

Come on over for a drink, we would love to have you there too.
From 17:00h at our headquarters on Limmatstrasse 204 8005 Zürich

Kind regards
The kunstunion, kleio und beryll team

Archiv - 2014 Mai 29th / we are family

Die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Verein kunstunion wurde besiegelt und der Verein zur Dokumentation von Kunst gegründet.
Wir freuen uns auf einen spannenden Austausch.

Archiv - 2013 April 10th /

The name kleio is found and the site published with a Landigpage. kleio, also called klio or clio is the Muse of History.

How do I open a test account?
  1. Click 'Try' on the website
  2. Complete the entry form
  3. Confirm your entries with 'Create account'
  4. Your account is now available for a free 30-day trial period
  5. After 30 days you can make the payment to continue using kleio or your account will be simply deleted without further consequences
How do I log in to my account?
  1. Press 'Login' on the kleio website
  2. Enter your login information in the form
  3. Confirm your entries with 'Login'
  4. Bookmark the login page for future quick and easy access
I forgot my password, what can I do?
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the link 'I forgot my password'
  3. Enter your email address and the shown captcha image
  4. Now you got a message with your new password
How do I create a bookmark for my account login page?
  1. Press 'Login' on the kleio website
  2. Go to Bookmarks in the main menu of your browser
  3. Select Add Bookmark
  4. From now on you can simply click on the bookmark for swift and easy access to your your login page
Why is kleio not for free?

Many people ask us why kleio is not for free, as it is the trend today. The answer is very simple. Anything that is for free generates money by other means, either by annoying popup ads or by collecting and selling data. We refuse to engage in such practices and thus charge a minimal fee that secures kleio's survival and further development.

Create an art inventory
How do I get started with my art inventory?

On the App page you will find a video tutorial which provides a step by step explanantion on how to enter artworks in kleio. If you still have further questions please refer to the FAQ page. Finally you have the possibility to contact the kleio team using the contact form under FAQ > further questions.

What is the easiest way to navigate the information entry pages?

The easiest way is to skip from one entry field to the next using the Tab-button.

What kind of image formats can I upload?

kleio supports most commonly used image formats such as tif, tiff jpg, jpeg or png which can be uploaded in the resolution of your choice.

Is there a size limit for pictures?

kleio allows image files up to 2GB per image, but the uploading process for large files may take some time. It all depends on your internet connection.

Can I import data from other programs into kleio?

At the moment this type of data import is not possible, but we are working on it.

Why are there two different ways to enter edition information?

The edition field on the basics page is intended for the total edition number. If you want to create an entry for one or several individual pieces within the edition, please use the 'Add edition' button. This will take you to a new tab where you can list information for the individual pieces.

What is the „publish“ option in the image details?

Ticking the „publish“ box means the image in question will be included if you publish the work on your kleio website, create a PDF or send high resolution images to other people. If you do not wish to publish a particular image (e.g image 2 of 3) you can simply deselect the box.

Publish your website
How do I create my own website?

On the App page you will find a video tutorial which provides a step by step explanantion on how to create your own website using kleio. If you still have further questions please refer to the FAQ page. Finally you have the possibility to contact the kleio team using the contact form under FAQ -> further questions.

How do I set the address for my webpage

Enter the address in the field 'URL - The webpage address of your choice'
In the example below the entry is brucenaumann, which results in the address

Can I create my own website design?

Just now it is neither possible to create or customize your own website design. There are various templates you can choose from, and the template selection is constantly being increased.

The option to manipulate the designs according to your individual preferences and customize website content is definitely one of our top priorities for upcoming releases. For more information check out the FAQ section called kleio's future - UFRP.

connect kleio with your "own Domain"

If you have already registered your own domain name with a provider you can enter it in your public archiv settings in the field 'Domain - If you already have your own domainname'. To connect your domain with kleio, you need to configure your DNS to point to, using a CNAME record.
For more information, please contact your domain registrar.

Own domain - A-record

If you have to link the A-record - do a CNAME pointing to
If that is not possible point it to

Export and Import
How do I export a PDF?

On the App page you will find a video tutorial which provides a step by step explanantion on how to export selected works as a PDF document. If you still have further questions please refer to the FAQ page. Finally you have the possibility to contact the kleio team using the contact form under FAQ -> further questions.

Can I change the PDF design myself?

Just now it is neither possible to create or customize your own design. There are various templates you can choose from, and the template selection is constantly being increased.

Is it possible to transfer data to InDesign?

It is not yet possible to tranfer data into other programs. We are working on it!

Export into CSV

A selection or all records can be exported as CSV. It automatically exports all fields and therefore the total entries.

This is the best way to store from time to time the entire entries from kleio as an offline backup.

Import CSV

Data can be easily imported into kleio.

  1. Press 'CSV Export' in kleio
  2. Open this file and copy your data into this CSV for the Import (DO NOT TOUCH the first line)
  3. Remember the column 'Object ID' must be empty
  4. Press 'CSV Import' in the main menu
  5. Select the document and press 'Import'
  6. The imported data appear first as Code jungle (don't be confused)
  7. Turning back to your own kleio archive (login)
  8. Voila
Re-import data

Data can be reviewed offline and then transferred back into kleio.

Caution, this function can overwrite the entire entries and can not be undone.

Between the export and the re-import you should not make any changes in your kleio archive, those changes will be overwritten from the re-import.

  1. Press in kleio on 'Export CSV'
  2. To edit the CSV open it for example in Excel
  3. If an entry is revised, DO NOT TOUCH the number in the column 'Object ID'.
  4. If a new entry is added,leave the field in column 'Object ID' BLANK.
  5. To re import data back into kleio - see “Import CSV”
Share data
How do I make my artwork information and original high-resolution pictures accessible to other people?

On the App page you will find a video tutorial which provides a step by step explanantion on how to share your data. If you still have further questions please refer to the FAQ page. Finally you have the possibility to contact the kleio team using the contact form under FAQ -> further questions.

Security / Privacy
Are my files 100% safe with kleio?

Although still regarded critically by many, it has been shown that storing data on external servers is safer than at home on your own computer or external hard drives. 
We cooperate with the most reliable suppliers and strive to ensure the best possible security. However, we can unfortunately not make any guarantees. If your date should be lost or damaged we are not liable. 

Can I create a back-up of my kleio data to download?

At the moment it is not possible to create an offline back-up of your kleio content. We are working on a solution!

Is my personal information shared or sold to other companies?
  1. We no not pass on information to third parties
  2. Your address is safe with us and will only be used to manange your account or in internal data compilations by kleio
  3. kleio will not publish information on the kleio website without prior notice
  4. Members of the kleio team that are able to view your content are bound to secrecy and do not divulge any information to outsiders
What happens to my data after my death?

If the annual fee ist not paid even after two reminder, the account will be made inactive. If the artist passed away, we will give the login information to relatives. kleio will establish a foundation which will take care of the digital estate and their visibility, if there are no relatives taking care. This service is already running now, even without foundation. Our concern is the safety of artwork inventories and estates.

Contact the kleio team

kleio @
Limmatstrasse 204
CH–8005 Zürich



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kleio @ beryll group ag and Kunstunion
Anina Schenker
Limmatstrasse 204
CH–8005 Zürich

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Design and programming: Astrom / Zimmer

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kleio was developed in a collaboration between Anina Schenker, (beryl group ag) and the Kunstunion artist association. 

The beryll group ag was founded in 2008 in Switzerland by the artist Anina Schenker. specialized in digital tools for art and historical items. In 2011 launched the web application for artists. In 2013 the Kunstunion artist association was also founded on the initiative of Anina Schenker. The research and sketches created in this cooperation were used to program the web application which now runs For more information about us please visit or 


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Although still regarded critically by many, it has been shown that storing data on external servers is safer than at home on your own computer or external hard drives. 
We cooperate with the most reliable suppliers and strive to ensure the best possible security. However, we can unfortunately not make any guarantees. If your date should be lost or damaged we are not liable. 

kleio permits unlimited data upload but we reserve the right to limit the space per user if need be.


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kleio team
Anina Schenker

The initiator:
Anina Schenker graduated in 2003 at the Zurich University of Arts in Visual Arts and completed a training in 2005 at the MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology in high-speed videography for Motion Analysis.

She teached art at various universities and art and architecture at the ETH Zurich. Anina Schenker's first professional experience started from 1987 to 1999 as Theater-painter as well as stage and costume designer. She worked for renowned theaters in Switzerland and Germany. Since the mid-90s she has worked as a visual artist.

In addition to her long-standing work as a visual artist Anina Schenker has worked for over ten years for various Swiss art collections as registrar. (including collection of Friedrich Christian Flick Collection Ringier or Daros latina)

2006 she launched as individual initiative and developed a database software for documenting art and historical objects with the same name. Renowned artists' studios, art estates and museums are working with this software until today.
2013 entrusted she the care of the beryll database solution to the company medio AG which guarantees the further development in this programming language. In 2012 she started the design of new software kleio as a web application.
This tool is aimed at artists and administrators of art estates.

Dominique Lämmli

Artist, Lecturer, co-founder / director of FOA FLUX, researcher at IFCAR

Stephan Meylan

Artist (value Konzepte), Curator

Adrian Notz

Direktor Cabaret Voltaire

Mara Züst

Organizer, promoter, curator, theorist


Nelmio is a swiss company specialized in building modern web applications. Our experience and passion for the internet is what makes our products so good and clients so happy.

Astrom / Zimmer

As­trom / Zi­m­mer is a small, in­de­pend­ent, Zürich-based design and de­vel­op­ment stu­dio, foun­ded in 2011 by An­thon As­trom and Lukas Zi­m­mer. We focus on pro­jects that bring Print and Pixels to­gether in in­nov­at­ive ways, and al­tern­at­ive meth­ods for cur­at­ing and nar­rat­ing Di­gital Archives.
Over the last 6 years, our work has among other things been ac­know­ledged with two Swiss Fed­eral Design Awards, been nom­in­ated for the Swiss Design Price, and won the Best of Swiss Web.
While our cli­ents range from small and large busi­nesses to uni­versit­ies to in­de­pend­ent cul­tural in­sti­tu­tions, work­shop and lec­tures are an es­sen­tial part of the A/Z prac­tise; many of our self-ini­ti­ated pro­jects are things we call 'In­ter­act­ive Ideas', and built solely to spark en­gaged dis­cus­sions about design and com­mu­nic­a­tion prac­tices and cul­tural con­tracts.


Christoph Elias Meier

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